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my teenage daughter wants to gain weight. She is v v thin and is tking some powder supplemnets to put on weight tht her jim techer suggested. M worried abt these articificvual products and want her to eat healthy things. U know like bananas n oll to become fat. Give some nutrition tips and a good diet chart for healthy weight gain PLEAZEE?
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Individuals interested in weight gain can choose different healthy options over weight gain supplements. Full fat milk adds protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and carbs to your diet and helps build muscle. Rice is another good source of carbs that is easily digestible. Nuts and their butters contain healthy fats and proteins. Healthy carbs (oats, potatoes, sattu, sweet potatoes, etc.) are another great choice for gaining weight as they help to improve muscle glycogen stores in the body. Dried fruits are ideal for their high fiber and antioxidant value. Whole grains (oats, brown rice, millet, barley, whole wheat, etc.) when paired with good quality protein (fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, etc.) also lead to a healthy weight gain. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and plenty of calories to help you increase weight in a healthy way. Whole eggs are packed with many essential vitamins, minerals, high quality proteins, and healthy fats which help to build muscle mass.

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