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About Nutrition

All organisms need food to keep on living. Nutrients delivered by food are required for our growth, well-being, and reproduction. Nourishment or nutrition is the science that focuses on consumption, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, and excretion of foods. The breakdown of food in our system is known as catabolism. This is followed by the repair and production of cells and tissues, a process called anabolism. Together, catabolism and anabolism constitute the process of metabolism, which is a key area under nutrition science. Additionally, nutrition focuses on how dietary factors can lead to various health conditions and disorders in organisms. It also studies how a healthy diet can play a role in eliminating and preventing those conditions. The essentials of a nutritious diet in humans are: • Inclusion of all Essential Nutrients: These include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. • Balanced Proportions: A healthy diet must include all the nutrients in desired and balanced quantities as per your gender, age and other factors. Including a variety of foods in the diet is also beneficial. • Cooking and Preparation Methods: Under or overcooking foods can be harmful and must be avoided. • Storage and Preservation Methods: Nutrients in food must be protected from oxidation, excess heat, etc. to eliminate the risk of foodborne ailments.

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