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About Nightfall

Nightfall is a condition where males ejaculate in their sleep, normally late at night or during the early hours of the morning. The problem is exacerbated by weakness of the penile nerves and muscles owing to excessive masturbation, fluctuating hormone levels, thinning of semen viscosity, and a full bladder. Men can hold their semen but the excess is eliminated as night discharge. Men suffering from regular nightfall may experience dizziness, insomnia, weaker sexual incapacity, erectile dysfunction, knee pain, stress, infertility, and loss of sight and memory. In a few cases, urine passes along with the semen. The best way to cure nightfall problems is to visit a qualified urologist. But first, patients should try changing their lifestyle. Meditation is a natural way to reduce nightfall since the practice helps control the inner feelings and enhances concentration. As long as men stay distracted by unwanted activities, they should not experience nightfall. Yoga and exercise are effective ways to regain control of one’s body, mind, and soul. By regularly indulging in these activities, nightfall may be avoided. Bathing with essential oils before bedtime works wonder for nightfall since it relaxes the mind and body, and promotes sound sleep.

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