I ws diagnosed with psoriasis around 4-5 years back and still have the disease. Iv heard abt some ‘new’ treatments called biologics which are proving v effective. These are available on the counter or with prescription?
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The FDA certified a new class of immunomodulator drugs for psoriasis, known as biologics. These interfere with our immune system and restrict the proliferation of excess skin cells. These also shut off the activity of cytokines that cause inflammation in our body and in turn bring about psoriasis symptoms. Biologics have proved promising in the treatment of moderate or severe plaque psoriasis. Commonly available biologics in India include: Adalimumab, eternacept and secukinumab. These are prescribed depending on the adversity of symptoms and presence of related conditions. A physician injects these lab-created antibodies/proteins into the bloodstream. As certain biologics may not be pocket-friendly, you can take recourse to their biosimilar counterparts (that act like biologics) to pare down expenses to some extent.

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