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My name Chinmayee. Im 27 year old female. When younger i was proud of my long hair but now it looking limp and short. Hair fall is causing many probs in life. So I was thinking if it possible for promoting the natural growth of hair?
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Your lifestyle plays a big role in hair fall troubles. To promote hair growth, try: • Hot Oil Massage: Slowly massaging heated almond or coconut oil onto the scalp can increase blood flow to your hair follicles, improve hair root strength, and condition the scalp. • Onion and Beetroot Juice: Onion is rich in sulfur while beetroot combats the nutritional deficiency leading to hair fall. Thus, it’s a good idea to add these natural juices to your scalp. • Green Tea: Green tea replenishes the hair follicles and hastens hair production. Apart from that, it improves metabolism and increases the rate of hair growth. Simply use a green tea solution to condition your hair.

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