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I believe a lot in Ayurveda. R there any herbs which can cure psoriasis naturally? Im 30 and suffering from this skin disease from last 4 years. Took so many medicines but no results.
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Aloe vera calms the skin and digestive system. You can consume this plant or apply its gel on the affected areas. Turmeric works wonders to prevent and ease psoriasis flare-ups. Its active ingredient curcumin makes desirable changes to cytokine expression in our body – one of the root factors for emergence of psoriasis. Consume turmeric tea or just add the spice to your daily recipes, not crossing the upper limit of 3 g a day. Dandelion is another great herb for psoriasis. You can sip dandelion root tea or go for dandelion root capsules on a daily basis. Yet, we recommend consulting your dermatologist as some herbal remedies may interfere with your ongoing medications.

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