Hi doctor. My grandmaa suffering fr4m dementia. She met to her doctor last month for general check up you know as she having diabetes also. Doctor tells her that new disease my dadi has nOW. I wanted to know more abt it and what are the most common types of dementia??
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Commonly, these four types of dementia have been reported: • Alzheimer’s Disease: The most common type of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease involves a slow receding back into time. Its onset is characterized by a short-term memory loss. But in reality, the patient falls back on earlier days as the present slowly wipes off from his/her memory. • Fronto Temporal Dementia: It arises from depletion of the frontal and temporal lobes in the brain. Personality and behavioral changes and language troubles are faced in this type of dementia. • Vascular Dementia: Commonly referred to as “Post Stroke Dementia,” it occurs due to brain damage triggered by mini strokes or cardiovascular conditions that caused bleeding or other effects in the brain. • Lewy Body Dementia: It is also a common type of dementia and has traits of both Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

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