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I hd a divorce last mnth and my mind is v disturbed ever since due 2 this relationship break reason…..can u please recommennded meditation exercises that helps? It’s a male 35….
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Meditation is a great choice if you are seeking mental serenity. It is a stress buster and gives peace of mind. You may go for visualization meditation that is a technique to utilize imagination to virtually experience what does not exist in reality. The practitioner needs to persistently dwell on the bothersome elements in his mind, replacing them with ideal counterparts through imagination. Relentless conjuring of the ideal notions will fuel them with positive mental energy. So much can the power of internal visualization be that individuals will imagine themselves as absolutely alright and free of stress. This condition will eventually become reality for them. Due to the practitioner’s active participation, visualization meditation works effectively to bring about desired outcomes. There are numerous techniques for visualization meditation. As a beginner, you can start by assuming your regular meditation posture. Now, close your eyes and relax by breathing deeply. Try to envision yourself as having achieved the state of mind that you want to achieve. With each breath, fixate more and more on that image, adding details to it, so that it progressively gains semblance to reality.

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