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About Menopause

If a woman has not experienced menstruation for 12 consecutive months, she is undergoing menopause and can no longer get pregnant naturally. Menopause normally starts at age 45 and continues till 55 years. However, the condition may develop before or after this age. Menopause results in various uncomfortable symptoms, like weight gain and hot flashes. Most women do not require medical treatment for this condition but gynecologists or general physicians may be consulted in severe cases. The majority of women begin to show signs of menopause almost four years prior to their final period. Symptoms last until about four years past a woman’s last period. A handful of women suffer from menopause symptoms nearly a decade before actual menopause happens. Also, 1 in 10 women suffer menopausal symptoms for 12 years after their final period. The median menopausal age is 51, but numerous factors determine when menopause will start, such as ovarian health and genetics. Perimenopause takes place prior to menopause. This is a time when a woman’s hormones start to change to prepare the body for menopause. Menopause lasts anywhere between a few months and numerous years. Lots of women start perimenopause after their mid-40’s while others skip this stage altogether and suddenly enter menopause.

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