im totally new 2 meditation…nvr done before….but like d pics on net n in magazines tht I kp seeing..i know its got lots of benefits but don’t wana start wd anything too complex……pls tel some easy technique for beginners……
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It will take you only a few simple steps to perfect this meditation pose. Just find yourself a quiet, comfortable spot and lie or sit down as long as you feel at ease. Lay your palms face upwards. Slowly, become conscious of your ambience, feeling it through your sensations. Then, divert focus to your breathing, feeling it move in and out through the lungs and throat. Now perceive the sensations of your body, working your way up from bottom, covering the lower body, trunk and lastly the head. Take a few deep, long breaths humming "Om" each time you exhale. Meditate in this way each day and you will reap the benefits soon.

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