cn I meditate during the sleeping pose, Shavasana? I really enjoy this pose a relaxes m completely n is not at all difficult to do but I want to also quieten my mind with meditation techniques.
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Yes you can combine the sleeping pose with meditation. Lie on your back and get into Shavasana. Now start becoming aware of yourself – your physical sensations. Close your eyes and draw attention onto different body parts that are in touch with the floor, i.e. the head, back, groin and calves. Now focus on each body part individually, moving up from the toes and reaching the legs, abdomen, spine, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and the skull. During this mental scanning, notice if any area feels stiff or tense. Thoughts may also crop up in mind that you shouldn’t probe into and simply take a note of, from a distance. Now comes the time to focus on your spine’s central column and internally view the entire stretch between the spine’s base and the skull’s base. Observe the parts that feel inactive. Also notice your breath – its pace, quality and rhythm. Place your hand on your heart and feel it beating. The chest swells and subsides with each breath. Now sense your heart – the seat of emotions, noticing your sentiments. Finally, try to be aware and draw a link between your body, mind, breath and heart. This should be the final stage of your meditation exercise.

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