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im caught up with loads of work in office. Been few months…going on like that….cant take a break now as d year is closing, I think meditation may help me to cope as f now…..cn u suggest smthng for peace of mind?
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This meditation technique is particularly beneficial for inner tranquility of mind. At first, sit comfortably on a mat in a cross legged posture. Your hands should lie on your lap with palms facing upwards and right hand above left hand. Keep the spine and head erect. Close your eyes and breathe deeply a few times feeling the air to be moving through your lungs and abdomen. Void your mind of all worries, stress, responsibilities, negative emotions, etc. and let it rejoice and be placid. Now, breathe normally while relaxing down each muscle of your body from head to toe. Once you have relaxed completely, you will feel a sense of lightness in your mind and body. Direct focus henceforth onto your body’s center i.e. the middle of abdomen, two fingers above the navel. This can be the starting point for your mind to concentrate on. Follow this by imagining any object of your choice – a shining sun, a bright moon, a candle flame, a ball or anything else – at the center of your body. Your mind may wander, thoughts other than the mental object may appear. Yet, stay neutral, noticing them from a distance. Do not forcefully usher your mind back onto the mental image; rather relax and observe the thoughts. Eventually, your mind will feel quiet, vacant and focused again on the body’s center. Discover the depth, clarity and inner knowledge within the horizons of your mind. This state of self-awareness – the ultimate fruit of this meditation exercise – will give you the dose of calm you require.

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