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dnt kknoe if its due 2 increasn age or wt…..but im not feeling fit from past few mnths……no disease as such….i showed to doctOR. Also reports are normal….but I dnt feel good anymore….i dnt even feel like talking to my best friends or going out anywhere.....heard that meditation has many benefits to calm d mind n brain ..cn it improve my mood & health also?
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Meditation has positive effects on focus, memory and concentration. It makes you better equipped to cope with stress. It improves mood, emotion and mental strength. It improves your self-knowledge and may enhance decision-making ability and perspective. By easing stress and blood pressure, it has secondary benefits in enhancing cardiac health. It is also beneficial for your respiratory and immune systems. Many forms of meditation like transcendental and mindfulness meditation impact the circulatory system. Meditation helps cure chronic pain – both mental and physical. Socially, it tends to make you more compassionate towards others and decreases feelings of loneliness. Studies also suggest that meditation makes you more empathetic or sensitive to the sentiments of others.

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