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detail m doctor pls about any meditation technique for body relaxation…..im hvng pain in legs and back for many many days…..Joy Kapoor from Pune. Age is 38.
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Relaxation response meditation is an easy-to-perform technique that can help relieve your physical pain. It gives you immense relaxation within a short span. All you need to do is discover a serene spot in your house and slip into your meditation pose. Then, close your eyes and scan your body internally. Move attention through various parts while also easing up each organ. Now, select a word or phrase that you must repeat to yourself in your mind. Feel your breath and the sensations it creates in the body as you say over that word or phrase again and again. In case mind goes astray, usher it back gently. Do not be tough with yourself regarding your performance in the initial phases. Engage in this exercise for about 15-20 minutes until a sense of complete stillness dawns on your mind.

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