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Rina my cousin is seeing psychiatrist. Acording to doctor, she experiencs major depressive affective disorder. We have never heard of this mental problem. What this is?
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Depression, also known as major depressive affective disorder, involves feelings of extreme hopelessness or sadness. It is a lot more severe than merely feeling down for a couple of days. If a patient has been diagnosed with depression, he/she will experience episodes that last for several days or even weeks. Depression is the most rampant form of mood disorder. This debilitating mental health problem leads to physical ailments and mental anguish. What’s more, it sometimes hampers regular functioning. Although there are a few people with depression who only experience one episode in their lifetime, the majority of them undergo multiple episodes. It is also referred to as clinical depression and meets DSM-IV criteria. It is an illness and not a normal or temporary phase.

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