Myself Priyanjali 22 f. I wish to know what sort of list of cardio workout or exercises I can do to lose weight and stay healthy. Doctor, please help me with this problem.
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The most common cardio exercises include cycling, swimming or running. While they are effective in keeping the heart rate up, not everyone may enjoy them. If you wish to incorporate more cardio in your exercise routine, there are other fun and creative options available: • Jump Rope: Get yourself a jump rope and start exercising anywhere. Play your favorite tunes and jump to the beat. 150 minutes of exercise is recommended per week. • Dancing: Dancing not only helps blow off steam but is also a great cardio workout. If you’re not into Zumba, you can just crank up the music in your room and dance till you drop. • Power Walking: Whether you’re stepping outside or walking on a treadmill, pick up the pace to increase the benefits of your workout. • Boxing: Boxing is a great way to get healthy. A mere 30 minutes can help you burn up to 400 calories. • Hiking: If you love the outdoors, hiking may be just be what you need to keep your heart healthy. Moving outside not only increases your cardiovascular fitness but improves your emotional well-being as well. • Rowing: Adding rowing to your gym routine can provide the extra cardio boost while strengthening the back and abs muscles.

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