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iv diabetes type 1..im concernd abt my daughter..shes just 12..is thr a risk f this disease by way f genetics?
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Research suggests that individuals having parents or siblings with type 1 diabetes are 10-20 times more prone to the disease than generic population. The risk for children with a type 1 diabetic mother is less compared to a father with this disease. If the child is born when the mother aged less than 25, the risk is 1 in 25 or 4% whereas if she aged 25 or older, the risk sinks to 1 in 100. For a father with type 1 diabetes, the offspring has 1 in 17 vulnerability to develop the disorder. Also, if the parents developed the disease before age 11, the child's risk is slightly more than if the parents developed it at age older than 11.

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