Is there an effective cure for psoriasis?
Psoriasis might be an incurable autoimmune skin condition, but it responds positively to various systemic and topical treatments. Even patients suffering from severe cases can find some relief from the pain and discomfort associated with flare-ups by following the cure techniques mentioned below: • Topical Treatments: These ointments and creams are applied directly onto the affected part for local relief without any of the side effects associated with oral medication or shots. Some common examples of topical treatments include steroid-based creams, salicylic acid, coal tar shampoos and lotions, calcitriol, and prescription retinoids. • Phototherapy: Moderate amounts of sunlight taken frequently helps reduce psoriasis lesions in different patients. Light therapy is recommended for people with difficult-to-treat, persistent cases. Types of therapy include UVB light, narrow-band UVB treatments, and PUVA applications. • Injectable and Oral Medication: If other treatments fail to show positive results, doctors recommend injectable or oral drugs for curing psoriasis. Medication like oral retinoids, methotrexate and biologics impact the immune system. • Natural Psoriasis Treatments: Sometimes medication does not offer positive results or leads to unwanted side effects. In such cases, patients turn to vitamins, herbs, and other natural remedies for relief. For some, ocean water and natural sunlight work wonders; others find solace in seaside resorts with special programs for individuals with psoriasis. Natural treatments include aloe vera, dead sea salt, fish oil, and cayenne. Psoriasis is a difficult disease to live with, so patients actively search for a cure. In the quest to bring relief to your sore face, hands, and body, you should consult a skin specialist for the best treatment option. Consult a dermatologist and he/she will guide you on the best treatment for your condition.
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