Is laser treatment a good option for acne scars?
Laser skin treatment has emerged as a popular solution for acne scar removal. Although less effective against non-inflammatory comedonal acne, it has yielded positive results for inflammatory acne. The main reason why laser treatment is so popular is its precise effects. So, here are a few interesting points to help you make an informed decision: • If you find the sight of blood to be intolerable, then you’re better off opting for laser acne treatments compared to microdermabrasion. • Laser treatments help remove pigmentation and scars from your skin by heating up the hemoglobin present in the blood capillaries located beneath your skin. • The process deprives the upper layers of your skin from getting nutrients and oxygen. So, they gradually slough off, providing healthy new skin the opportunity to replace them. • The success of the laser treatment procedure depends on your skin tone; it’s harder to remove acne marks from darker skin. Skin sensitivity also plays a big part. • Keep in mind that laser therapy requires numerous visits and is not capable of eradicating your pigmentation or acne scars entirely. You will have to follow up the process with regular skin treatments for the best results. A painless, bloodless solution to reduce acne on your skin with minimal side effects is laser treatment. Plus, the lack of downtime means you don’t have to stay in a hospital either. Depending on your skin type, choosing the best laser treatment option helps regenerate new skin, making it look tighter and smoother. Speak to a qualified doctor for more details about the procedure, including the cost and availability. Consult a dermatologist and he/she will guide you on the best treatment for your condition.
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