Is hair transplant an effective treatment for female hair loss?
One of the most popular hair loss treatments for women who find it difficult to regrow their hair is hair transplant. However, before you opt for this procedure, you should consider whether restoration surgery is the best option for you to successfully prevent hair loss. Men do not have this problem since male pattern baldness occurs differently between the sexes. In men, the thinning occurs in a few areas, like a receding hairline and a thinning crown. But in women, general thinning shows up along the top of the head, close to the temples. However, there is no receding hairline and balding is a rare occurrence. Women will notice the signs of hair loss once the parting of their hair becomes wider, their hair feels less full when tying a ponytail, and thinning takes place near the temples. Excessive hair fall is another symptom that causes women to frantically look up hair loss remedies. Since hair loss is more spread out in females, a bigger portion of donor hair is necessary for hair regrowth in the thinner parts of the scalp. The operation takes longer and the donor area must be larger, which raises the cost considerably on a per-graft basis. Women suffering from hair loss should be treated with personalized treatment plans based on suitable formulations of high strength minoxidil.
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