We old people often feels depression. We get lonely and no one to talks to. So but I hear that old people also have the problem of dementia sumtmz. So I wanted to know is depression a type of dementia only? Or me fyn, just depressed n no dementia having I?
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Dementia and depression are both mental health problems with similar symptoms. However, depression is a mood disorder whereas dementia is a term used for a broad category of neuropsychiatric disorders. A depressed individual feels upset most of the times, panics and worries a lot, remains restless and finds life meaningless. Common symptoms of dementia, on the other hand, include loss of memory, disorientation with time and place, communication issues, personality changes and inability to complete familiar tasks. Yet, it is to be noted that depression has been seen as a risk factor and an early-onset symptom of dementia. Depression is experienced by around 9 to 68% of dementia patients. And, around 50% of the patients having late-onset depression struggle with cognitive deterioration.

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