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I lov sweet dish..tho iv diabetes frm mny yrs…..d doctor hs warnd m 2 stop sweets else it’l b a big prob fr m..so I decid to hv lots f fruits frm now..pls tell vch ol Indian fruits I cn hv in my diabetes diet plan? On net, I alws c so mny fruits but they r not avalbl in indian markets..may b in foreign they r..
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Good you’re a fruits lover. Fruits make an excellent substitute for desserts as you correctly felt. You can safely have fruits with a low glycemic index and glycemic load as these do not raise blood sugar levels. The options are many: apples, avocadoes, oranges, blueberries, strawberries/other types of berries, bananas, cherries, grapefruit, grapes, plums, apricots, pears, peaches and kiwi. Just remember to go for fresh fruits bought from the market rather than processed or canned fruits/fruit juices.

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