My partner has got a penis pump for m..i have read many reviews and also the instructions to use it. Most people say it’s an effective device for impotency but befr I use it, my question was about its side effects?
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Vacuum erection pumps have a high efficacy in case of moderate erectile dysfunction. They are a pocket-friendly means to attain erection with limited hassle. Non-invasive, they also involve fewer possible side effects for the penis. The side effects that may appear mainly result from clumsy or improper usage. For example, excessive air pressure inside tube may bruise the penis or cause mild bleeding beneath its surface, aggravating in some cases into tiny red spots (petechiae). Individuals on anticoagulants or blood-thinners like warfarin need to be extra vigilant about this internal bleeding. A vacuum limiter in your penis pump can help control the air pressure preventing such injuries. Second, penis injury can even occur if the constriction ring is held at the penis base for more than half an hour. Also, make sure you pick the right size with the ring sufficiently tight to be able to work but not too tight to feel achy.

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