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I hv recently changed my job. The new one is demanding n challenging. I have loads of work to finish on an everyday basis now. May be due to this, im hvng difficulty in gtng an erection from a month or so..fights are happening every now and then between m and my wife…..Is that possible? Can excessive work cause it? Wt medicines cn I take to treat this impotency?
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Long-standing everyday stress, including work-related, can negatively affect your blood flow and blood vessels. In turn, this may bring down sexual vigor and the ability to get or maintain erections. Probably, you need to better cope with your workloads and deadlines. Talk to a certified sex therapist who may help resolve your issues. Counseling is especially effective if relationship problems are being encountered alongside ED. You will be armed with problem-solving tools to undo the effects of stress on your erections. The specialist will also be the best person to guide you if medications for impotence are necessary in your case.

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