doctor i request you to share your views please on the importance of nutrition in sports? as im planning to join an aerobics class and i also am a badminton player for my school team.
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Nutrition directly affects the health of person by strengthening the training performance and post- workout recovery in athletes. It provides the energy required to perform different physical activities. The kinds of foods that the athletes eat and the timings at which they eat, both are crucial for their overall performance. Good nutrition enhances their endurance and ability to recover after gruelsome training sessions. Athletes should take meals rich in carbohydrates and low in fat around two hours before exercising. The food can have low to moderate protein content. Carbohydrates are the chief energy supplier that act as a fuel during exercise whereas, protein helps in muscle growth and repair. However, once your exercise session is over, you need to take the reverse route and replace carbohydrates with proteins. This will help in adequate muscle recovery post the training session.

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