How to use self-help methods for avoiding premature ejaculation naturally?
The tips mentioned below help keep premature ejaculation at bay. These self-help methods are natural treatments for the problem of early ejaculation: • Masturbate for one or two hours before sex. • Use thick condoms to reduce sensation. • Take zinc supplements that help enhance sexual potency and testosterone levels. Zinc deficiency has often been seen to be associated with sexual dysfunction in men. You should consume 11 mg of zinc per day to control the problem of premature ejaculation. • Take long deep breaths temporarily to shut down the ejaculatory reflex or the automatic reflex of the body, which is responsible for ejaculation. • Make sure the female partner is on top during intercourse so that she can get off once you're close to the moment of ejaculation. • Stop and take intervals during sexual intercourse by thinking about something else as a way to divert your mind. • Wear condoms to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and delay a fast 'climax.' • Avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol, etc. • Maintain a healthy body weight. • Perform the pause-squeeze technique when you’re approaching the ‘climax.’ Stop and ask your partner to squeeze the end of your penis for as long as your urge to ejaculate subsides. Discuss your problem with your sexual partner and try to involve her in your self-help coping mechanisms. This will allow you to last longer in bed and decrease the chances of sperm releasing earlier than desired.
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