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me way ahead in age….32…..n still got nightfalls sometimes…..i live away from my wife due to my job. How can I stop this problem naturally with some easy remedies?
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Dr. Raveendran SR

Diabetologist, Sexologist, Medical Microbiologist

Commonly available foods can aid to decrease nocturnal emissions. You can rely on the antioxidant qualities of Indian gooseberry. Amla powder mixed in water can be had twice or thrice a day, including at bedtime. Allicin in garlic also controls nightfall by improving blood flow to penis. Cut and leave aside 2-3 garlic cloves for at least 10 minutes to let allicin interact with oxygen. Chew these oxidized garlic pieces right before sleeping with water. Alternately, you can sip sage tea twice a day. A tbsp. each of fenugreek powder and honey twice a day, one before sleeping, also works due to its hormonal balancing effects. In case erotic dreams or sleeplessness is causing your nightfall, consume around 2-3 bowls of yogurt or buttermilk in a day to sleep profoundly at night and avoid sexual dreams. As you stay away from your spouse, being sexually active through healthy masturbation may help control your sexual urges and nightfall. Also, rest easy, as wet dreams occur long past teenage in many cases. Talk to a doctor if none of the remedies work.

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