I red somewhr abt a yoga pose – some urine stopping exercise – that helps stop nightfall….cnt recal name. how does it work? Is thr such a pose? Wt r its effcts?
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The correct yoga pose for your condition is Vajroli Mudra or the Vajroli Seal. You should start by drinking a few glasses of water to induce urination. As you urinate, pause the urine flow by contracting your urethral muscles for a few seconds. Release the muscles and urinate again. Do this activity twice or thrice while urinating. It helps strengthen the nerves of the penis, thereby helping you control nightfall. An alternative Vajroli Mudra method involves sitting straight in Padmasana or Sidhasana pose. Now, breathe in slowly while pulling your abdomen towards the spine. Next, with the air held inside, contract the urethral muscles. Gradually breathe out when it becomes impossible for you to retain the air further, loosening the urethral muscles and abdomen as well. It is believed in yoga that Vajroli Mudra helps transform sexual energy – prana – into the energy of purity – ojas. Sexual functions can be controlled if one learns to place a limiter on the flow of sexual energy. By channelizing sexual energy towards something greater, it starts to flow upwards in the body, towards the brain, rather than downwards towards the genitals.

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