How to remove ovarian cysts?

Dr. Deepti Gupta

Laparoscopic Surgeon
Not all ovarian cysts need surgical treatment. But if ovarian masses are present in both ovaries or it is more than just a simple functional cyst, removal through surgery might be your best option for recovery. The surgery type depends on a patient’s desire of fertility. If your doctor suspects cancer, laparotomy may be necessary as it offers the best view of the female pelvic organs and abdominal organs. Cystectomy can also be done to remove a noncancerous cyst responsible for various symptoms while leaving the ovary untouched. Sometimes, both ovaries may be removed, especially if a cancer is discovered. Developments in science and medicine have made it possible to conduct advanced laparoscopy techniques, such as a minimally invasive ovarian cystectomy with just two small incisions. The process does not require a lot of time and the majority of women are back on their feet in a couple of days. Doctors make every effort to protect the patient’s ovary, especially those who want fertility. Laparoscopic surgery reduces pain and recovery time, and decreases the size and number of incisions. The doctors normally use general anesthesia at the time of surgery. Women can return to their usual activities after 4 to 6 weeks.
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