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Mausam is my name and I am 19 year old teen. Female. I want to know about lifestyle altering method to cure my hair fall problem and know how to regrow hair the naturally way.
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Several home remedies allow people to regrow their hair. But it is important to know what works for you. Some of the common solutions include: • Hair Care: Clear misconceptions about hair care to prevent hair loss. For example, washing your hair doesn’t lead to hair loss. Blow-drying, however, can burn, damage, or dry your hair. Hair dye can also temporarily lead to hair loss. • Massage: Scalp massage increases hair thickness. This might have something to do with the increased flow of blood and the direct stimulation to the cells. • Stress: Stress is often directly associated with hair loss. A sudden shock to your system – whether it be emotional or physical trauma – can cause the hair follicles to stop growing.

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