How to lose weight the healthy way?
Do not neglect health while planning your diet regimen. Crash diets or blast of exercises don’t apply when it comes to healthy weight loss. Go slow and steady. You should opt for an eating schedule that doesn’t block nutrition. • Drink Plenty of Water: Staying hydrated is a great way to burn fat without putting in any extra effort. A glass of water half an hour before meals helps reduce hunger to some extent. • Get Moving: Even light exercising like a 15 minute walk, cycling, swimming or yoga will initiate calorie shedding. Make it recreational so that your routine doesn’t fall through. • Make Healthier Choices: Replacing white sugar with palm candy and full fat yogurt with Greek yogurt or buttermilk are instances of healthier eating. Cut back on fizzy drinks, bulky starches, processed foods, alcohol, sugary derivatives, confectionary etc. Portion checking and timing your meals the proper way will also be useful. • Sleep Sufficiently: Nodding off late usually ends up in late-night snacking. Studies also suggest that a sleep-starved brain falls prey to poor decision making. You may reverse your diet regimen by binging on bigger portions of your favourite foods. Scanty sleeping also sets off cortisol release (a stress hormone) which in turn makes your body hold onto energy to fuel the late night waking hours. Insulin sensitivity drops as well due to sleep depravity so that starches and sugar do not convert into energy, and accumulate as deposits. • Consume Healthy Fats: Always prefer good fats to the unhealthy ones. These can be acquired from olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc. which also keep you feeling full for long.
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