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I ws feeling v v tired and weak in past 10-20 days……didnt feel like eating also…...wn showed 2 doctor, he said iv anemia and my hemoglobin is also low…im a diabetic patient frm years….is thr an natural way to increase blood n HB? 54, my age, male….
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Grapefruit and lemon attract iron into the blood. Beetroot spikes iron content, activates RBCs and carries fresh oxygen to the blood. Apples, dried figs, grapes, watermelon and raisins get the red blood cells flowing. All of these foods are useful to boost blood count naturally due to the stated reasons. To raise hemoglobin in blood, you can rely on curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, coriander juice, papaya and oat/wheat/rice bran.

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