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I keep shifting frm hvng diarrhea n constipation..with child from 2 months..what can I do to get rid of diarrhea and constipation during pregnancy?
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Pregnancy puts women's body in an immunocompromised condition, exposing it to the risk of infections. Prenatal vitamins, new food sensitivities, hormonal changes or dietary changes can also cause diarrhea in pregnancy. Stomach flu - an intestinal infection - can occur and cause diarrhea as one of its symptoms. On the other hand, constipation is a more commonly occurring condition in early pregnancy. You just need to stay hydrated if you have diarrhea. If it continues beyond 2-3 days, see a doctor to get at the root cause. Meanwhile, keep away from fatty or fried foods, spicy foods, fiber-rich foods and dairy products. Have proper food and bowel habit.

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