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my family is very worried about my health. i am 26 year old woman. recently we went to doctor and he said i have polycystic ovaries. My aunt has the same problem and she is childless. How to cure PCOS the natural way?
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Dr. Madhu Gupta

Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon (Obs & Gyn)

Women diagnosed with PCOS mostly rely on hormone therapy and medication to curb the symptoms. But some combine these traditional remedies with holistic alternatives, including: • Calorie Count: Caloric intake timing impacts insulin, glucose, and testosterone levels in a big way. PCOS patients who consume most of their daily calories during breakfast for 12 consecutive weeks improve their glucose and insulin levels significantly while lowering their testosterone levels by nearly 50 percent. • Calcium and Vitamin D: PCOS women may experience significant improvements in menstrual problems, BMI, and other levels by consuming vitamin D and calcium regularly. • Magnesium: PCOS patients often exhibit symptoms of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, both of which are risk factors for stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Magnesium intake during bedtime improves insulin levels and fasting blood glucose. • Chromium: This essential mineral helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and insulin. Chromium supplements are easily available and patients should consume them as prescribed.

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