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Hello doctor sir. Ragini here. 17 years. Lately, my hair has been feeling very limp and dry. Also it is falling out. I am worried about my health. Please suggest some simple massage remedies that show me how to control hair fall.
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Hair fall is a cause for concern among teenagers. If you wish to find some home remedies for this problem, check out: • Coconut milk which is an amazing source of nourishing nutrients. Reduce hair fall by massaging the substance gently on your scalp. • Aloe vera gel is also helpful. It conditions your hair and stops hair fall when you leave it in for a couple of hours. • Hot oil hair massages help stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp. The best results come from almond, mustard, or olive oil. Head massages also stimulate the hair follicles and give you a sense of relaxation. • Herbs like amla and neem when combined with massage oil fights hair fall.

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