My friend oishi is carrying baby. this is her 2nd. but she fears miscarriage during second child. how are some ways she can follow to avoid the chances of miscarriage?
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Women need to be careful with their health at the time of pregnancy. Making a few common lifestyle changes are able to decrease the chances of miscarriage considerably. First, women who are pregnant should not smoke at all nor should they consume alcohol. Plus, it is completely necessary to lead a drug-free life during pregnancy, especially the use of illicit drugs. Second, it is important for pregnant women to eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Remember, women will be eating for two during this time so they need to be careful of what they ingest. At the same time, being overweight or underweight may lead to unnecessary complications. Women should try to maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy. Also, they should try their best to avoid infections like rubella or German measles.

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