How is the skin disease vitiligo treated in babies?
Vitiligo disorder is characterized by the appearance of white spots, patches or blotches on the skin. This underlying depigmentation or discoloration of the skin is triggered by various factors. Exactly what causes it cannot be determined. However, people of all ages, including adolescents, children, and infants can fall prey to the condition. Vitiligo in newborns may be caused by: • Over-activity of the immune system that destroys the melanocyte cells • Genetic oxidative stress imbalance that impairs skin coloration • A trigger like an injury, sunburns and contact with chemicals that destroys melanocytes Treatment options for vitiligo in newborns include: • Topical Medications: Immune modulators and corticosteroids are commonly prescribed for vitiligo in babies. Topical corticosteroids may be effective in triggering the re-pigmentation of an infant’s skin cells. • NBUVB: Combination of phototherapy (NBUVB) and topical therapy has shown good results especially if the body surface area involved is more than 20% in the child. If your little one has been diagnosed with vitiligo, you should talk to a dermatologist and work out the best treatment plan. The common symptoms of vitiligo in babies include patchy loss of skin color, particularly near the navel and armpits, and/or whitening of the scalp hair, eyebrows, eyelashes or mucous membranes. Children usually show good response to treatment.
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