Earlier I had patches of psoriasis on my back only. But, somehow its spreading on the neck and front. Im taking some oral medicines and applying creams..what do you think is causing my skin problem to grow?
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Since psoriasis is a gene linked condition, many times it is chronic and runs course which is waxing and waning. Whatever genetic or environmental factor may have caused psoriasis to initiate in your body in the first place, its usually aggravated by these triggers: viral/bacterial infections like strep throat, being HIV+ or skin infections, hormonal changes, skin injuries like rips, scrapes, bug bites or acute sunburns, high levels of stress, smoking, alcohol abuse, deficiency of vitamin D, drugs like indomethacin, iodides, certain high BP and heart medicines (beta blockers, quinidine, ACE inhibitors, etc.), lithium, antimalarial medications etc. and dry, cold weathers. You should attempt to identify your specific trigger(s), discuss the same with your dermatologist and keep away from them.

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