How is it possible to cure allergies with natural remedies?
Allergies plague millions of people every year. Thankfully, Mother Nature has provided cures for all sorts of conditions. It's simply a matter of knowing how and what works for a specific condition: • Skin Allergies: When you think skin allergy, your go-to should immediately be oatmeal. This natural substance has numerous biologically active properties that soothe itchy allergic skin. Baking soda is also a great option for addressing the pH imbalance of your skin and soothing the condition through its anti-inflammatory features. If you want to go the herbal route, try persimmon leaf extracts, aloe vera, and konjac ceramide. Other plants suggested by medical practitioners include coriander, chamomile, neem, and basil. • Seasonal Allergies: Seasonal allergies can turn nasty when left untreated. Use apple cider vinegar to minimize mucus production and bring relief to itchy eyes. The substance cleanses your lymphatic system as well. Local honey also works great when taken regularly. Probiotics also provide a boost to your immune system and prevent imbalance. • Dust Allergies: Resolve the issue of dust allergies with natural ingredients and remedies like eucalyptus oil, lavender essential oil, and local honey. While eucalyptus oil boasts anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for treating congestion and allergies, lavender oil has analgesic properties that combat most respiratory disorders.
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