How does diabetes lead to erectile dysfunction?
Diabetics often develop venous leaks, atherosclerosis, low testosterone, and neuropathy – conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction in men. • Venous Leaks: Venous leaks occur when your veins fail to retain sufficient blood in the penis for a proper erection. Only when blood flows into the penis does an actual erection occur. The veins usually constrict to retain the blood until the man completes ejaculation. Venous leaks prevent the blood from staying within the penis; instead, it leaks back into your body and your penis loses rigidity. Venous leaks mainly occur due to smooth muscle tissue issues, which must be relaxed during an erection. A lot of diabetic men lack the requisite smooth muscle content and it doesn’t relax properly anyway. • Atherosclerosis: The term refers to the thickening or hardening of the arteries. An erect penis fills with blood, the arteries playing a major part in the process. But atherosclerosis makes it hard for the blood to enter the penis. Based on the severity of the condition, the blood flow may be insufficient to sustain a firm erection during sex. • Low Testosterone: A common problem in diabetic men, a depletion in testosterone levels leads to erectile dysfunction. • Neuropathy: This nerve disorder disrupts the transmission and prevents the penis from responding the usual way. Diabetes is a deadly disease, and if left untreated, it leads to a host of problems, including male impotence. Make sure you consult your physician about the best treatment.
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