How do you get rid of pimples on lips?
Commonly known as pustules, this category of acne can develop almost anywhere on the body. When the hair follicles in the lip region get affected by bacteria, they become infected. Popping or picking at the pimple can damage your skin, causing swelling or redness, or even scarring. For that reason, it’s important to learn the right solution so that the acne get eliminated properly. • Over-the-Counter Creams and Soaps: Pick a gentle, alcohol-free cleansing solution twice every day. Also, avoid any exfoliants or astringents that may irritate and dry your skin. Choose moisturizers suitable for acne-prone skin. • Cold or Hot Compress: A cold compress applied to a lip pimple minimizes redness and swelling, and makes the pimple comparatively less noticeable. Cold also provides relief from pain and brings down the inflammation. On the other hand, a heating compress absorbs debris or oil clogging the follicle. The process also helps drain pus from infected areas, reducing the redness and pain. • Castor Oil: This natural moisturizer is great for removing lip pimples as it stimulates new tissue growth and prevents dead skin cell buildup. • Toothpaste: Believe it or not, but toothpaste shrinks and dries out pimples fast. Just apply it before bedtime and let the drying ingredients like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide work their magic. If you’re prone to pimple breakout on or under your lips, there are various remedies available. But if the problem persists despite your best efforts, speak to a doctor about medical solutions like oral medication and topical cream.
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