How do you get relief from scalp psoriasis?
Patients with scalp psoriasis often develop itchy, red sections on their scalp with white scales. The problem may go beyond your hairline and dry, flaky skin may appear on your shoulders and skin. While no permanent cure is available, treatments are available to make you look and feel better. Below are a couple of treatments that help manage scalp psoriasis: • Anti-Itch Treatments: Suitable for mild to severe skin disease, anti-itch treatments include menthol shampoos, cold wraps, relaxation methods, ice packs, and steroid creams. Severe cases may be prescribed medicated shampoos like topical steroids, Blue Lagoon algae, and zinc pyrithione. • Salicylic Acid: One of the primary ingredients in acne medicines, anti-dandruff shampoos, and wart removers, salicylic acid works wonders for mild cases of scalp psoriasis. However, refrain from keeping strong salicylic solutions on your scalp for too long. • Coal Tar: A time-tested cure for psoriasis, coal tar is great for mild scalp psoriasis. In severe cases, you must use coal tar in conjunction with other treatments. • Topical Steroids: Topical steroids reduce the inflammation symptoms that are common in mild to severe cases of psoriasis. Remember to schedule an appointment with a skin specialist before trying any form of therapy so you know whether it is suitable for your condition. Consult a dermatologist and he/she will guide you on the best treatment for your condition.
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