How can you overcome social anxiety?
Social anxiety disorder is an intimidating fear triggered by specific social scenarios or associations. Public speaking, dining out with friends, interacting with new people, using public lockers or restrooms, conversing with people of the opposite sex etc. can be causes of unwarranted anxiety. This list of recommendations can help you in getting over social phobias: • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is identification of problematic thinking and beliefs in the subject’s mind and replacing them with realistic and rational patterns. It involves making individuals overcome anxiety by a number of techniques, such as negating existing negative thoughts, getting the subject to confront the stressful situation, called exposure training and more. • Exposure Hierarchy: Based on their intensity, the subject enlists the situations that trigger his/her anxiety. He performs the easiest behavior first, gradually scaling up to the toughest one. • Objective Behavioral Targets: Making the subject undertake objective acts in social situations and diverting focus from his/her own feelings and other people’s reactions is the key in this method. Execution of the objective behavior regardless of what you felt or others received your idea is crucial. Example: Delivering a public speech without giving a thought to how others responded or you felt. • Professional Medical Treatments: Lay your hands on professional medical therapies in case self-help isn’t sufficing as a support. Meet therapists with expertise in social anxiety disorders. • Maintaining a Journal of Daily Experiences: Record your thoughts and behaviors vis-à-vis your self-help measures on a day-to-day basis. In time, you will realize the progressions made and the times you fell back into the trap of negative thought patterns.
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