How can women prevent breast cancer?
Breast cancer is a cause for concern among many women. But the good news is, treatments keep on improving and newer ways to prevent the disease have emerged. Check out a few simple prevention methods below: • Maintain a Healthy Weight: Keeping your weight in check should be a priority. Overweight women – menopausal women in particular – are more susceptible to different cancers like breast cancer. • Be Active: Regular exercise is the secret to good health. Physically activity for a minimum of 30 minutes daily reduces breast cancer risk considerably. • Eat Healthy: A nutritious diet keeps breast cancer at bay. Eat healthy foods like veggies and fruits and drink in moderation. In fact, even low alcohol consumption increases the chances of breast cancer. Heavy drinkers should try to quit or cut down. • Avoid Smoking: Smoking not only reduces the quality of life but increases the chances of stroke, heart disease, and cancer, including breast cancer. • Breastfeed: If you breastfeed for more than one year, you will reduce the risk of breast cancer. • Do Not Use Birth Control Pills: Birth control pills are low risk for young women. But women aged 35 and above or smokers should avoid taking these pills since they increase the possibility of breast cancer. However, the risk quickly dissipates once you stop the pill. Breast cancer develops due to a variety of environmental and physical factors. But following a good lifestyle routine suggested by your doctor is a good way to stay cancer-free for life.
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