How can OCD be cured by yoga?
A combination of chanting, pranayama, and yoga can help manage the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. This kind of holistic approach offers a new strategy for managing OCD. Yoga benefits OCD patients more than pharmaceutical drugs since the drugs have negative side effects. Moreover, 90 percent of patients who consume drugs and medication for managing OCD see a relapse of the symptoms once they stop. If you’re wondering how to cure OCD through yoga asanas, know that Kundalini yoga is especially useful in harmonizing energy systems that govern the connection between the mind and the body. Some of the common Kundalini techniques include: • Tuning In: This is a customary practice ahead of all Kundalini yoga poses. It creates a healing experience and boosts the restorative effects of meditation. • Spine Flexing: This techniques aids with vitality and can be performed either by sitting cross-legged on the floor or on a chair. If you’re sitting in a chair, brace yourself by holding both knees with your hands for leverage and support. While sitting cross-legged, use both your hands to clasp the ankles. • Shoulder Shrugs: Maintain a straight spine and rest the hands on your knees while sitting in a cross-legged position. While sitting in a chair, make sure your hands are rested on your thighs.
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