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OCD problem has affected my cousin Ridhi who is 24 years. We saw doctor and he said to treat with medication. But we want to try homeopathy first. We will see results and then deciced. What are some common homeopathy for ocd?
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OCD harms the quality of a patient’s life. Natural homeopathic cures tend to have no side effects and they are a big help when treating this mental problem. Homeopathic remedies comprise natural ingredients and focus on treating the condition at the root. Eventually, the goal is holistic healing. Some of the most effective OCD cures in homeopathy include: • Arsenicum Album: It helps patients who have constant thoughts of death. Treatment ensures the patient no longer has to worry about jumping out of bed and roaming around due to anxiety. • Nux Vomica: This natural cure is great for individuals who wish to compulsively categorize everything. Nux vomica is used for treating oversensitive and angry patients. • Calcarea Carbonica: This remedy treats mental exhaustion and is great for OCD patients who think they are going crazy. • Silicea: This treatment targets those who have persistent thoughts.

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