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fed up with tryn so expensive creams shampoos on my scalp. Is their home remedy for psoriasis?
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Henna paired with coconut oil and water helps to slough off psoriasis flakes. Let this scalp mask sit for a couple of hours before you rinse it off. Apple cider vinegar also harbors disinfectant properties to ease psoriasis itching on scalp. Dilute the vinegar with equal amount of water and sprinkle on the affected areas. Do not use the cider vinegar if you have a wounded scalp due to cracks or bleeding as the solution will only worsen it with irritation and burning sensation. Take up the remedy multiple times weekly and it will show effects within a few weeks in case it has suited you. Scratching your flakes makes them prone to infections that can aggravate psoriasis. You can try tea tree leaf oil that has been seen to protect scalp from infections and clearing the scalp with its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. Mix tea tree oil (100% conc.) with a natural moisturizer like coconut oil and rub on your flakes. We advise you consult a dermatologist before going ahead with any herbal remedy as it may not be compatible with your medications.

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