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im 33 and with eczema on knee and legs. Wt do u say abt bathing with oats? Heard that it’s a common home remedy for eczema?
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Oat baths can soothe inflamed, itchy scales and guard your skin. Grind a cup of raw unflavored oats and add this colloidal to a lukewarm bath. The colloidal must be a fine powder as it benefits your skin the most in this form. Check by sprinkling the oats in water and they must float on top. The oats will also absorb well into the water to form a silky, milky sheen. Douse the affected areas and soak the rest of your body for around 15 minutes in this water. Oats soften harsh skin and help maintain the pH of your skin’s surface. Pat dry after the bath and slather an oil-rich hypoallergenic moisturizer or any other emollient moisturizer. It’s advisable to consult your doctor before taking up this remedy along with its recommended frequency.

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