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Kiran here. Age 19. I sneeze a lot and want to stop. I dont wish to see doctor for this small problem. please suggest home remedies to prevent allergies like sneezing so I can feel healthy.
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Sneezing normally occurs as a reaction to irritants. Think of it as the body’s way to expel germs. Almost all particles irritate your nose and lead to sneezing. The common irritants include dust, dander, bacteria or viruses, and pollen. The most effective home remedies to follow include: • Use Nasal Sprays at Home: Clear your sinuses with sprays like capsaicin. This substance desensitizes the nasal tissue and reduces the frequency of sneezing. • Increase Intake of Vitamin C: This antihistamine boosts the immune system and is found as supplements, and in citrus fruits and vegetables. By increasing the vitamin C content in the diet, people will notice a decrease in sneezing. • Drink Chamomile Tea: This substance possesses anti-histamine effects that prevents sneezing. Drinking a cup daily reduces the histamine count in the body.

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