My son is just 3 years old but has lots of allergy problems which cause a lot of health trouble. I want him to feel better and not suffer so much. What are some effective home remedies for treating allergies in toddlers and kids?
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A wide range of home remedies are available for alleviating allergic symptoms and providing relief to the child. Some proven ones include: • Saline Solution: This remedy is great for treating upper respiratory allergies and flushing out any allergens caught up in the nasal cavity. It also helps reduce inflammation symptoms. • Hot Shower: Sneezing in children occurs due to dustborne allergens. Giving the kid a warm shower can wash the allergens right off the body. • Apple Cider Vinegar: Kids might not enjoy the taste of this home remedy but it does alleviate symptoms. The solution should be consumed thrice a day. • Eye Wash: Children complaining of watery eyes and itchiness should splash cool water for relief.

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